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Storyfox copywriting, Sydney, has established itself as a leading-edge marketing content house servicing the needs of the Sydney business community. The content we produce is memorable, inspiring and market-focused, generating brand awareness across a broad range of communication channels, online and offline. Story is our core, and this is our story:

A ship brought me here. Australia. 1967. I was a seven year old, fair skinned, freckle faced English speaking migrant. The kids at school called me ‘Pom’; my parents assured me: “you’re Irish, son.” My passport begs to differ: True Blue, issued in Canberra, Great South Land. Who am I? In my heart and soul, I guess I’ll always be a kind of migrant. Place of residence – the English Language. Happily married. Four great kids and a wonderful wife. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

As a copywriter, I’ve developed a uniquely powerful blend of skills, knowledge, professional experience and natural talents. On the one hand, my command of language is such that I’ve taught grammar, academic writing and research skills at university level, both in Australia and overseas. This allows me to work with clients from across the whole commercial spectrum, because I can take an idea, even a very complex idea, and express it clearly, succinctly, and without mistake. No matter what their field, I give clients a voice that speaks with absolute authority.

But that’s not the only voice a business uses to speak to its market. Very often the message needs to be humorous, clever, memorable, a story that engages the emotion and personality of the audience, creating relationship and prompting sales. In fact, when you boil it down, a copywriter really only needs to be able to do one thing: to direct how people feel, think and act in response to the message delivered.

I believe that stories touch people’s lives. I believe that people read stories because they want to; other stuff they’ll read if they have to. When you tell someone a story they receive it as a gift. And that’s the thing – they receive it. If, on the other hand, you ask them to buy a product, or a service, or even a piece of information, that’s when you come up against resistance, suspicion, maybe even resentment.

The hallmark of really good copy is that it transforms market response from a defensive “why should I…?” mindset into a compelling “why wouldn’t I…?” engagement. If that’s the kind of copy you want, you know where to find me.



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