How we work

1. We discuss the scope and requirements of the project, in person, via phone or skype.

2. I cost the project and quote.

3. I Issue a Guide Document to assist the client in writing a brief.

4. The client completes the Brief ( the more detailed the better) and returns to Storyfox.

NB If you decide to proceed with the project, I ask for a 50% upfront payment, with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.

5. I supply sample text (from the Home Page)– usually two different sample styles. The client chooses the preferred style. If none of the styles hits the target, we discuss further to give me a clearer idea of what you’re wanting/expecting. A further sample is then supplied and approved by the client. Final amendments may be made at this point in the process.

6. I supply the required copy within the agreed time-frame. Your job is now to study the copy I have written. You will track whatever changes, or make whatever amendments/suggestions you believe are necessary.

NOTE: I work in Microsoft Word, so the document you receive will be a Word document. I would encourage you to use the ‘Track changes’ function to make the suggestions and amendments required.

7. I respond to any further instructions regarding the 1st draft of the copy. Once again working within an agreed time-frame, I send you the 2nd draft of the copy. Please note that the second draft, in terms of the content, is the FINAL draft.

6. After receiving the 2nd draft you will again study the copy and make sure that it is to your satisfaction. If there are any proofreading issues (spelling, grammar or punctuation) you will track these. If there are any editing issues (a word that isn’t quite right; a phrase or sentence that doesn’t read as you would want it to read), you will also track these.

7. I will respond to all proofreading and editing issues by amending the copy appropriately. I will return the copy to you a final time, thus signing off on the project.

8. When you have received the final draft of the copy, after the proof-reading and editing have all been carried out, you are expected to pay the remaining 50% of the quoted amount – preferably within 14 days of receiving the completed copy.

Note: Preferred manner of payment is through direct deposit into my account. My bank details are supplied on the invoice.

9. When the project is brought to completion, in terms of the final formatting, addition of graphic design etc., I kindly ask that you send me an electronic copy to add to my own portfolio, for marketing purposes.